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ANNOUNCING! New Service Enhancements!

Do you ever get the feeling that the Universe is trying to tell you something?

I do. Especially if something keeps popping up on my radar from multiple places, in a short time span.

Back in April, this happened to me. Whether it was in holistic newsletters from people not connected to one another, to fellow LMT's posting on social media, I kept getting SOLEX products shoved in my face! It was too much NOT to warrant investigation. Lucky for ALL of us, I took note!

If you have been in my office, more than likely you know what I went through trying to heal me

and my family from Lyme Disease, plus multiple co-infections, or you know about all the work my youngest son and I did together, when he was diagnosed with Autism, at age 7. Being well is really hard! If you heard ANY of it, you can appreciate the following and see how I related to EVERYTHING Loran Swensen says:

Beginning of May, I joined SOLEX. There are 3 ways you can be a customer. It IS an MLM, but don't let that sway you - just being honest up front. While there can be a lot of negative stigma around MLM's, they are typically built capitalizing on the number one rule in marketing: The best form of advertising is word of mouth. Trust me when I tell you, I will NEVER hit you up to join Solex! Thankfully, and respectfully, Solex business model allows you to literally share their stuff with anyone you want! I've never seen another MLM do that. It's not, "if you want to try - you gotta buy" mentality!

So, just FYI - 1) you can shop for products whenever you want by being a retail customer, 2) you can opt to make a monthly commitment by being a Preferred Customer, or 3) you can choose to make a monthly commitment WHILE potentially adding in income - the latter two options saving you 25% on products. Both options 2 and 3 allow a person (me/you) to share this tech with anyone and I am so very excited! There is no membership fee for retail customers and Preferred Customers. There is an annual membership fee of $49 for QLA's to allow them to participate in the Solex Benefits Plan and manage their Solex business.

As of right now, I have the following options to enhance your massage experience:

PLUS - if you want, we can throw in use of my Lightwave Optical Colored Lenses to boot!

The use of the 660 band, which you wear like a smart watch, and the AO Infinity Wand can be used during your session, if you wish, with no extra charge to your service, at all.

The AO Scan works in conjunction with the Lightwave lenses. Personally, I would LOVE for everyone who enters my door to give it a try, at least once. It's incredibly easy to use. We set up a one-time profile, that is kind of like creating your body email address. I use your first and last name, email address (for sending reports and frequencies), your height, weight, (which have no bearing on the frequencies) and your date of birth, and we take a pic. After your profile is created, you would then speak for 10 seconds while the program scans your voice. On subsequent visits - you ONLY need to speak. All it does is take a 'snap shot' of where you are at that exact moment in time. Each time you scan your voice, it's different, just as your blood work would vary before and after eating.

Think you can beat a lie detector test? Think again! Your voice will always tell the truth, whether you want it to or not. Did you know your thoughts and emotions are carried in your vocal chords? No amount of masking your voice can change that fact. The Inner Voice scan is derived from the same technology as a lie detector test. It will help to harmonize your emotional state by improving concentration, creativity, and emotional intelligence. This program records a 10 second snippet of your voice to isolate and analyze imbalances in your emotional state that present themselves through your vocal chords. It then displays 3 notes, or octaves, that are excessively out of balance, as well as the main octave that is being suppressed, and four MP3 files are generated. There therapeutic songs, called balancing harmonics will then play. These tones are unique to YOUR energetic needs. The music files incorporate radionics, binaural beats and other frequencies to support the balance of your emotional and mental well-being. They also display what COLOR lenses are best suited to you at that time!

The FIRST time you experience this in MY office, there will be NO CHARGE. I toyed with some different options but the one that I settled on was this: In Reiki, they teach you to never give it (Reiki) away for free. There MUST BE some sort of exchange as only then does it have perceived value. I didn't want to put a price on it. So, after your first session, should you want me to scan you again, and I do believe you will - you will make a CASH donation of your choosing. I even bought a clear plexiglass locking piggy bank to keep in my office! Just bring cash and put in what it's worth to you. It's that simple. I'll save the funds and use it for vacation or something fun.

The AO Infinity Mat will arrive soon - but wanted to share how that will be used here as well.

If you haven't been in yet this year, you probably don't know that I converted Jack's old bedroom into my office. The AO Infinity Mat will work through clothing, unlike the wand, which needs to blow directly on bare skin. I will have the AO Infinity Mat in my office on a twin bed. It's the room next to the bathroom you probably have already used! Due to the restrictions of it being my home, etc., I can only book time on it IN CONNECTION with a massage. Rate will be $35 for 30 minutes, and $60 for 60 minutes. After your massage, you would then dress, and then transition to my office for the desired time. I can close the blinds, put something on the TV, you could continue listening to your frequencies, or just simply nap....with the door shut for your privacy. I'll have a timer set up in case you fall asleep. When your time is up, you just leave, as I will more than likely have moved onto working with my next massage client.

So, to wrap up, I have several new options to enhance helping you to be your very best self. Several are free, the AO Scan is by donation, and a set charge depending on length of time used for the AO Infinity Mat - which should be here by mid-July, if all goes well.

In the month that I have been using these tools, I can share that I can see daily gradual improvement. It's like I suddenly have some profound emotional intelligence dealing with Jack! I have more energy. I'm sleeping much better. I can concentrate better. I actually wake up with excitement for the day. That's huge! Not that I dreaded it, mind you - it's just different. This is WAY more easy than having to meal prep, cook healthy food, and get on the floor and do your PT exercises! Not that you shouldn't do those things also, but you know what I mean..... ♥

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