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The only device on the market with technology that emits Terahertz frequencies, gold and silver ionic exchange, frequencies from precious stones, and red and blue light benefits ALL IN ONE!

The AO Infinity Wand which:

  • Emits Terahertz electromagnetic waves AND

  • Chakra-infused therapeutic frequencies encased in rose quartz tube AND

  • Colloidal silver/copper/gold particles to emit frequencies through the air blower WITH

  • Red and Blue light therapy with the wavelength parameters of 660mn and 470nm respectively

  • 4 air blower settings (from cold to gentle warmer) and timers up to 90 minutes.

But before we go into the Infinity Wand itself, let's break this down.

TERAHERTZ is a unit of measure of frequency radiation on the human body's nervous system's neuron structure and function.

  • This function allows for the transfer or electromagnetic waves in terahertz (1 trillion Hz) using nanotechnology.

  • Research and findings have shown that terahertz therapy via electromagnetic waves have beneficial impact on the nervous system's neuronal function and structure.

  • The nervous system is composed of the Central Nervous System and the Peripheral Nervous System

  • Neurons consist of dendrites, cell body and axon

  • Terahertz radiation can benefit the neurons by altering neuronal grown or development that are related to the DNA and promote the process by which new and healthy nerve cells are generated.


Terahertz radiation has been seen in therapeutic usage.

It can demethylate cancer cells and increase speed of regeneration.

When terahertz frequency penetrates the body, they pass through healthy cells at normal temperatures.

However, when they pass through unhealthy cells, they cause them to vibrate faster, thus increasing their cellular temperature, and ultimately destroying the damaged cells in the process.

Thermal effects of terahertz wave interactions with neurons

When terahertz waves radiate a neuron, the neuron absorbs a certain amount of terahertz wave energy and converts it into joule heat, which in turn exerts an effect on the structure and function of the neuron.

The thermal effect of terahertz waves is due primarily to the absorption of terahertz waves by neurons and their conversion into thermal energy.

The preset terahertz radiation parameters promote the growth of neuronal cytosomes (messengers in the body for cell to cell communication) and having neurobiological effects. They also provide verification that the structure of neurons can be modulated using short duration cumulative radiation.


Terahertz (THz) radiation and infrared (IR/NIR) radiation are both parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. But, they do have different energy levels and penetration capabilities.

  • Terahertz waves have lower energy and limited penetration through materials (such as clothing, plastic, etc., ) compared to infrared waves.

  • In contrast IR/NIR radiation has higher energy and greater penetration capabilities, allowing it to pass through some materials that terahertz waves cannot penetrate. Furthermore, IR/NIR can penetrate through entire layers of skin when not covered with materials.


The benefits of Terahertz frequencies combines with Red/Blue waves consist of the following:

  • Increase mitochondrial support

  • Eliminate damaged cells

  • Activate dormant cells

  • Improve blood circulation

  • Unblock congested Meridian channels (especially at specific lymph points)

  • Clear body dampness (Chinese medicine)

  • Regulate the endocrine glands for their timely release of hormones and their effects on the body

The benefits of Terahertz frequencies combines with Red/Blue waves and heat consist of the following:

  • Boost the immune system

  • Increase healthy blood flow

  • Improve cellular oxygenation

  • Soften connective tissues

  • Relax muscle fibers

  • Reduce musculoskeletal aches, pains, and stiffness

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