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Introducing AO SCAN!

Albert Einstein said: "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help buy get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

Modern science suggests the world is made of matter and energy.

  • Matter is anything that takes up space.

  • Energy is the ability to move matter or do work

  • Understanding what energy is and how it moves in the body offers practical benefits in our daily lives.

Energy flows through our body in the same way electricity flows through a network of wires.

We live, (and die) measuring electricity, from brain waves to heart rhythms. What we don't see is what actually happens behind the scenes in our bodies when every cell in our body functions through vibration and frequency.

We are a 'moving product' of our existence. Our individual mental conditioning, epigenetic, collective conditioning, various beliefs, and others depend on our bodies ability to continually reassess its energy frequencies.

When we decide to go beyond all physical and mental conditions and tap into our weakened frequencies, we can then rely in our body's healing ability to regenerate.

Our body conceives, constructs and governs with energy frequencies, and in every moment when our mood fluctuates, they are internally represented through our body. This results in every shifts.

ENTER AO SCAN! A Digital Body Scanner/Analyzer right at our fingertips!


  • the AO Digital Body Scanner is the most sophisticated scanner in the world!

  • It is equipped with advanced BIORESONANCE technology:

  • Measures frequency of energy wavelength coming from the body

  • Detects out of balance frequencies and 'transmits' therapeutic frequencies based on the scientific evidence that every organism and tissue in our body has its own electromagnetic vibration and frequency that is readily available to be analyzed and optimized for balanced energy and health.


The AO Digital Body Scanner performs safe and non-invasive body scan, using frequencies, not chemistry or electricity, that measures the health of the entire body and brings awareness in areas where attention is needed. It DOES NOT DIAGNOSE OR CURE.

It performs:

  • Sound therapy healing

  • Energy redirection

  • Frequency shifts

  • Detection of multitude of health issues and disease varying from blood to bones, to chromosomes, to DNA, and much more....


INNER-Voice (Includes emailed reports & balancing harmonics):

  • Using your voice that can express your physical and emotional characteristics, this electronic voice analyzer detects incorrect or unhealthy frequencies, and generates sound healing harmonies that will correct those frequencies.

  • To correct the frequencies, the voice analyzer utilizes radionics healing method: a method of detecting and balancing information that is the blueprint of any living system at a distance - for greater health and well being.

  • It is built to broadcast/transmit, meaning it automatically takes the energy from a condition and sends it back to the disease rotated at 180 degrees in the form of a SCALER WAVE, which cancels out the disease or condition.

VITAL Scan (includes optimized frequencies & emailed reports):

  • Scans, optimizes, and offers detail reports of all systems and health of the body. This tackles present/ancestral/stress-induced/toxic or pathogenic imbalances that are shown as possible overwhelming or underwhelming the body.

  • Identifies Chakras (energy centers) that are out of balance.

  • Identifies Meridian channels that are out of balance. In traditional Chinese Medicine, a meridian is the channel through which Qi (Chi - life force) substances flow.

COMPREHENSIVE Scan (Includes optimized frequencies and emailed reports):

  • Performs detailed scan of frequencies from over 130 organs, cells, bones, and chromosomes, (similar to an MRI, CT Scan or X-Ray but more)

  • Provides graphical report, following optimization, displaying homeostasis levels in variances ranging from 1 to 9, where 1-4 represent chronic, under-active, or deficient frequencies, 5 represents optimal frequency level, and 6-9 represent acute, overactive, inflammatory, overburdened frequencies.

BODY SYSTEMS Scan (includes optimized frequencies and emailed reports):

  • Scans the vitals of the most important psychological and physiological functioning of the body system as a whole (such as cardiovascular, digestive, lymphatic, endocrine systems and much more).

S.E.F.I. - Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter:

  • Transmits vibrational frequencies targeting numerous conditions/ailments, including emotional and affirmations.

  • Performs the broadcasting of healthy energy frequencies to a target object - which includes erasing and imprinting ONTO THAT OBJECT by removing attached bad energy and populating with correct energy.

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