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Light Relief - Introducing the 660 Band

Boost Your Circulation With The 660 Band! 

What if you could have more energy, your physical wounds could heal faster, your brain was sharper, and your heart was healthier? 

Proper blood circulation is essential for these and every other function your body performs. It supplies every organ with oxygen and the nutrients needed to maintain optimal health. The 660 Band was designed to primarily impact the bloodstream using 660 nm and 605 nm red lights.

How It Works 

The band is placed on your wrist, like a watch. The red light lamp beads in the band face the inner wrist where the blood vessels come closest to the skin surface.  

You have a major vein and artery that runs down the wrist. They then reach the distribution of blood in the hand and circle back; thus, creating two major pathways of blood by the wrist’s surface. Additionally, because the vein and artery return, they pass by again, making four key touchpoints.

About Infrared Red Light Therapy

Each lamp bead in the band can emit visible red light; three are 660nm and three are 605nm.  

660 nm Red Light:

  • Targets acne *

  • Rejuvenating the skin, (stimulates collagen activity) *

  • Visibly targets blemishes and other signs of aging. * 

  • Assists pain relief - joint pain, muscle pain, inflammation, nerve damage *

  • Supports vasodilation – opening up blood vessels (good for circulation in general, relief for the heart) *

  • Supports blood cell function. – ATP process, formation of new blood vessels *

  • Increases the absorption of skin care products by enhancing skin permeability. *

605 nm Red Light: 

  • Reactivates nutrients – methyl blue – reactivating the electron as it passes through the red light (amber). *

  • Reinforces blood plasma – 605 supports the attacking of viruses and bacteria toward their death. *

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