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Opening a Massage Business During 2020 and Covid-19!

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Like so many others across our world today, I am in the midst of the quietest Thanksgiving holiday our family has ever had. I am taking time now to do some much needed work on my new website. I guess I should add this to the list of things I'm 'thankful' for - time to get work done. I've been delaying this for months because I truly didn't know how things were going to shake out, much like many of you.

In the beginning of 2020, I was gainfully working as a LMT over in West Chase area, with the grand plan of opening up my own space in my home, in Riverview. Imagine having everything set and squared away, licenses purchased, inspections complete - to then suffer a broken rib and put everything on hold. This set-back rolled right into the Covid-19 shutdown, during which we lost our space in West Chase. Furthermore, my eldest son came home from the Middle East and the space set aside for my massage treatment room got turned back into a bedroom. Add in fear from my potential client base, mask agendas, an election, and general uncertainty of life going forward as we know it culminating in everything coming to a screeching halt.

My Kiddo is back overseas now, and little by little, some things are returning to some semblance of normal. It is time to put my biz-hat back on and get to work.

I know that some of you reading this are still gripped in fear regarding the virus. Truth be told, if this is your current mindset, I may not be the right 'psychological' fit for you. Long ago, I came to believe that our body is the greatest carbon-based 'machine' ever designed, and if given proper attention, it has great capacity for taking care of itself. To me, this equates to eating well, getting rest, and living a healthy lifestyle. I work really hard on the latter and because of this I've had confidence through most of the outbreak that our family would be spared and/or if we did get it, our symptoms would be minimal.

As an ex-Chef, and certified food handler - I have always taken sanitation seriously in my work. I am mindful of my own personal hygiene, and I keep my space clean. I give myself time in between each of my clients to clean my treatment room. If I am sick, or feeling even slightly under the weather - I will cancel my appointment with you, and I expect the same in return! With the exception of going to the grocery store, I stay pretty isolated in general. My youngest son attends cyber school so even HE is isolated just by the nature of our 'normal' life. This is what I offer you as security in coming for treatment in my home environment.

If you feel the need to wear a mask during your massage, that is your choice. I won't be wearing one myself. I need to breathe as part of my wellness plan.

This has been a long time in the making. I'm really excited to get back to doing what I love -

helping people to feel good in their body.

Massages by Anna Bass LMT. Certified for many different massages and treatments. Specializing in Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage.

To schedule an appointment with Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Advanced Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Anna Bass LMT, please call 412-328-4540 or Book a Massage Here.

Providing massage services to patients in Tampa, Brandon, Riverview, FL and surrounding areas.

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