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Help Reduce High Blood Pressure With Massage Therapy

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

High Blood Pressure Treatment

Help Reduce High Blood Pressure With Massage Therapy

High blood pressure, or hypertension, impacts millions worldwide. It poses significant health risks. Lifestyle changes and medical interventions are recommended for management, alternative approaches that show promise include massage therapy. Massage therapy, conducted by a licensed massage therapist, involves the pressure and manipulation of bodily soft tissues to promote relaxation and well-being.

Hypertension Goes Away with Massage Therapy!

Massage therapy has many advantageous effects on hypertension or blood pressure. It prompts relaxation and lessens stress. Stress is a clear contributor to hypertension. By alleviating stress, therapy lowers blood pressure. The soft and soothing massage strokes used trigger the relaxation response of the body resulting in a reduction in heart rate and also blood pressure.

Treatment by a licensed massage therapist can enhance blood circulation. With unique kneading and manipulation, blood flow is stimulated. Toxins are eliminated and tissues and organs are rejuvenated. With renewed oxygen release, this does wonders for alleviating symptoms of hypertension. The cardiovascular system functions efficiently, decreasing hypertension and high blood pressure.

Eliminating Tension - Inside and Out

Massage therapy is known to target stiffness arising from muscle tension. This is common in hypertension. massage therapy reduces stiffness and enhances flexibility. Consequently, there is no more strain on blood vessels, so they may dilate and lower pressure. Regular sleep may also be induced by the clever hands of the licensed massage therapist, and restful sleep is known to lower pressure.

Massage Therapy for Hypertension

Massage therapy is an alternative treatment mode and should be used in tandem with other treatments for alleviating high blood pressure. It acts as a complement to any other prescribed ways to treat hypertension as suggested by a medical practitioner. Hypertension is a lifestyle condition and patients benefit from regular massages as they keep hypertension at bay on a daily basis.

Stress can be a cause for many hypertension patients and lowering stress levels is one of the main ways to lower high blood pressure. Massage therapy prompts relaxation and relieves any built-up tension in your muscles. The results of a good massage are instant in that you feel calm and restful.

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