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Help Relieve Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) With a Massage

Tennis elbow is also known as lateral epicondylitis. It is a common enough condition marked by pain plus inflammation on the outer elbow. Caused by repeated movements of the wrist and forearm, those involved in playing tennis or any sports activities are affected. Several treatments are available, but massage therapy with a licensed massage therapist helps immensely.

Massage therapy for Lateral epicondylitis focuses on reduction in any muscle tension, improvement of blood flow, and promotion of relaxation affected areas.

Pain Relief

Massage therapy with a licensed massage therapist does wonders to heal tennis elbow.

Here are the ways:

  • Pain Reduction: Methods like effleurage, trigger point therapy, and petrissage, and help relieve pain by reducing muscle tension and boosting circulation. Such techniques release tight muscles/knots, relieving pressure on tendons.

  • Increased Flow of Blood: Massage stimulates the flow of blood, promoting the essential nutrients plus oxygen to the tissues. Enhanced circulation helps in the healing process by decreasing inflammation and prompting tissue repair.

  • Muscle Relaxation: Massage relaxes the muscles around the elbow, decreasing tightness/tension.

  • Improved Motion Range: Massage improves flexibility and the range of forearm and wrist movements. By focusing on fascia, therapy restores mobility and eases movement, so daily life becomes easy.

  • Reduction of Stress: Tennis elbow pain may be heightened by stress or tension. Therapy by a licensed massage therapist promotes relaxation and reduces stress levels, which can help alleviate pain and improve overall well-being.

Get a Qualified Therapist

It is vital to consult a certified massage therapist with experience in the treatment of tennis elbow or similar issues. They assess specific needs and customize techniques to target pain effectively.

Massage therapy provides relief for tennis elbow, but it is vital to complement it with any other suitable treatments like icing, rest, or physical therapy to avoid more pain. Consulting with a medical professional/physical therapist aids in creating a holistic treatment plan customized to your particular condition.

Massage is a valuable additional treatment for pain relief and healing for tennis elbow. It works by focusing on muscle tension and improving blood flow. Therapy promotes relaxation and improves circulation too. You experience significant healing with massage treatments. All this results in rapid healing.

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