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Lymphatic Massage and Scar Care after Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Post Plastic Surgery Lymphatic Massage

It is in the best interest of a patient of plastic surgery to heal as quickly as possible after the procedure. Whether you have gotten a tummy tuck or a liposuction, you would want your body to recover fast so you can see the results. There are chores and responsibilities that you need to tend to for which proper healing is essential.

Apart from taking regular rests and following post-operative care, you should consider two types of massages to maximize results - lymphatic massage and scare care massage. If you live in Florida, Anna Bass is a licensed massage therapist and wellness coach whom you should visit. Her clinic is easily accessible to the residents of Tampa, Riverview and Brandon, Florida.

Importance of Lymphatic Massage after Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery

The lymphatic system in your body plays a very important role. It consists of an intricate arrangement of organs, vessels and tissues which work together in maintaining blood circulation and body fluid levels. This way, the lymphatic system gets rid of waste and toxins in your body while promoting your immunity and tissue regeneration.

After a surgical procedure like tummy tuck, the lymphatic system slows down. This can lead to a build-up of fluids in the nodes. Not only is this swelling uncomfortable and (in some cases) painful, it also impedes the rate of recovery from the surgery. A licensed massage therapist is required to manually drain the lymphatic fluid by using specific massage techniques.

Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

These are the benefits of getting a lymphatic massage from a licensed massage therapist or a trained wellness coach –

  • Increased rate of wound healing

  • Reduced stress levels and increased relaxation

  • Boosted healing responses to reduce scar tissue formation

  • Removal of waste and toxins from the body

  • Improvement in the quality and texture of skin to enhance appearance

  • Curing of swelling and reduction in retention of fluid

You should surely give lymphatic massage a try to recover better and faster from surgery.

How to Take Care of Scars after Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery

All forms of cosmetic surgery result in some amount of tissue scarring. A scar is a fibrous tissue that remains after a deep wound has healed. Most scars will fade away with time but may not disappear completely. But there are some ways by which you can minimize the amount and extent of scarring that may occur after a surgical procedure like tummy tuck.

One of the best ways to reduce scarring is performing a scar care massage. By massaging the scar you increase blood flow and increase the rate of healing. More circulation also ensures that proper nutrients and oxygen are reaching the scar tissue. This also maintains the elasticity of the skin, preventing the scar from tightening up or reopening.

How to Massage the Scar

Your licensed massage therapist or trained wellness coach might demonstrate some techniques to you, which you can perform on your own. Usually, scar care massage includes three basic techniques –

  • Rub the scar in circular motion. This helps drain any retained fluids from the area. It boosts circulation and healing.

  • Apply pressure with your fingers and rub in one direction. This disintegrates excess collagen and breaks down any fibrous tissue.

  • Stretch and pull the skin. This increases skin pliability and elasticity. It keeps your skin supple and flexible.

Finding the Right Therapist

If you are looking for a great massage therapist in Riverview, Tampa or Brandon, Florida, then you should visit Anna Bass LMT. She is an experienced wellness coach and licensed massage therapist who will ensure that you recover properly from your surgical procedure.

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