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Whiplash healing treatment with massage

What is whiplash?

Sometimes a sudden or jerking movement can cause an injury to the spine and the surrounding muscles. Usually, this happens in a car accident. The injury caused is referred to as whiplash. It would cause pain in the neck and head area. Pain can also be experienced in the upper back and the lower back. The pain may initially be mild, but can worsen over time.

The reason for this is the formation of scar tissue. Whiplash leads to tearing of the muscles and other tissues. Over a few days, the torn tissues start to heal naturally. When the healing starts, scar tissue begins to form. The scar tissue can cause the tissue, muscle fibers, and bone to stick together. This leads to loss of flexibility increasing pain in the affected areas.

How massage can be helpful in treating whiplash?

The best way to treat whiplash and get relief from pain is massage. As mentioned earlier, the scar tissues causes the muscles and tissues to be misaligned. This is the prime reason for pain. When a massage is done, the stuck tissues can be broken apart. It also helps in realigning the scar tissue. As a result, flexibility is improved and relief is obtained from pain.

When a trained therapist does the massage, they would know exactly how to carry out the massage. The therapist would use a technique called cross fiber friction. Here, pressure is applied countering the direction of muscle. This helps to loosen the tissues that are stuck. It also helps in reducing scar tissue.

The therapist also carries out massage in the surrounding areas. This would be very helpful in reducing tension in the muscles. It also helps stretch muscles allowing healing to happen in a better way. The overall result of the massage would be quicker recovery and improved flexibility.

Massage is the ideal treatment because it can ensure permanent relief from the problem. Without massage, patients may end up taking medication that only offers temporary relief. The problem can worsen over time, which is why massage is essential.

Getting the massage done

You can look for the best licensed massage therapist in Riverview, FL to help you in your whiplash treatment. Look for an experienced therapist who has treated similar cases before. You can check out reviews of the therapist before finalizing the therapist. Choosing the best therapist will help in ensuring your recovery happens in the most effective way.

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