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Tummy Tuck Surgery Recovery Lymphatic Drainage Massage

MLD Can Help Your Tummy Tuck Surgery Recovery

The lymph system happens to be the natural cleansing mechanism of the body and removes toxic fluids from our cells. If the lymphatic system is not functional, there are aches and swells in our body, making us feel sick and sluggish. The goal of lymphatic drainage massage is to assist the lymphatic system in flushing these fluids. The massage also helps in beginning the cleansing process when there is too much swelling in your body.

Understanding lymphatic drainage massage

The massage is also referred to as lymphatic drainage or manual lymph drainage and was originally introduced in Germany. The massage was aimed to treat lymphedema, the swelling caused because of accumulated fluid, which occurs when the lymph nodes are removed through surgery. It is a common occurrence during mastectomy surgeries. Also, primary lymphedema may take place though its cause is not known. If it occurs, it usually is recurrent throughout life and can also have an effect on various parts of the body.

Importance of lymphatic drainage massage

A proper lymphatic system is necessary for the ability of the body to drain fluids and regenerate tissues, detoxify, filter out toxins and foreign substances, and ensure a healthy immune system. It is imperative to note that the lymphatic system is complex and mostly constitutes lymph vessels and nodes to accomplish these objectives.

The lymph carries hormone cells, fatty acids, toxins, and proteins that the lymph nodes process. If the body undergoes fatigue, stress, battling a disease, experiencing infections, or recovering from a surgery such as a tummy tuck, this process can slow down.

Lymphatic drainage massage offers several merits, such as improved skin quality, especially on the face. Your skin appears more alive and youthful if its cells are washed in the fluid. Have you noticed the puffiness beneath the eyes after crying for some time or a tough night? It is lymphatic drainage that can solve such problems. Thus, lymphatic drainage massage can be useful, especially for people who have undergone surgeries such as tummy tuck and liposuction.

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