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Sciatic Pain Treatment With Massage

With the human body being such an intricate masterpiece, there are often parts which can lead to pain and discomfort. A part of this long list is the sciatic nerve which travels through the lower back and can lead to a condition known as Sciatica. Sciatica is essentially a prominent pain in the sciatic nerve which is caused due to pressure on the nerve. Often caused by a herniated disk, finding a solution to such an issue is important to avoid constant and nagging pain.

How Can a Massage Help with Sciatica?

While there are many types of massages and each can aid the body in a different way, the overall method is more or less the same. This involves working on the skin, muscles, joints, tissue, etc. of a person with unique movements, pressures, etc. to cause changes in the body which can lead to the reparation of stress, pain, and other issues. When it comes to Sciatica, a massage can primarily help in the following ways:

Release in Endorphins

Often linked to acupuncture, endorphins are essentially the body’s natural painkillers. With a licensed massage therapist who knows what to do, you can hit certain receptors in the brain which will trigger a release of endorphins. As these endorphins reach the sciatic nerve, the overall pain you feel is sure to reduce in both the short term and later months as well.

Reduction in Mental Stress

One thing that is synonymous with any kind of massage is relaxation. Lying down on a bed and having someone press pain points in your body is the perfect way to loosen up your body and mental stress. What’s great about this is that the less stress you are in, the less pain you are likely to feel!

Increased Bloodflow

One of the most important things that a massage can do for you is to increase blood flow to a certain area. As more blood enters the sciatic nerve and nearby regions, this induces a reparation of nearby tissue, which can make you feel much more relaxed.

Things to Keep in Mind

While a massage can help, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure to go to a licensed massage therapist as an amateur can cause further issues.

  • Avoiding eating or drinking heavily before the massage.

  • Be completely transparent when it comes to medical issues with your massage therapist so they can work on your body accordingly.

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