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Release Stress and Tension | Riverview Massage Clinic

Stress and tension are inherent components of modern lives. Whether you are an independent entrepreneur or working in a high-pressure, corporate environment, there is getting stress and tension. Part of the reason is how we tend to look at stress now. Every day, we are bombarded by thousands of pieces of information about things going wrong in our town, city, country, and world. It is only natural that we are more stressed than ever.

However, that does not mean you have to live with it, and you cannot do anything to calm your brain. While you should meditate, exercise, eat healthily, and maintain good relationships, sometimes a deep tissue massage does it all and more.

Why does massage work for stress and tension?

When we think of a licensed massage therapist, we are mostly thinking about muscle injuries, back fixing, opening knots in the body, and so on. As you can see, all our associations with massage have something to do with physical relaxation. However, what we forget is that a healthy body hosts a healthy mind.

For example, you would not be in your best mood when you have diarrhea. The same goes for your brain. If your brain has to constantly process information and opinions, it cannot be calm and steady. You cannot concentrate on any one task.

However, if you begin by calming your body, calming the mind would be much easier. That's where a good massage becomes helpful. By making your body more conducive to calmness and stillness, your brain also works better.

As you calm down and start noticing and understanding the things going on in your body, your brain begins to ease itself. Gradually, you become better at dealing with stressful thoughts and tensions.

What role does a wellness coach play?

When you visit a doctor, you would not want to consult someone who has not been to medical school. The same rule applies to holistic healthcare. If you are not getting your massages and fixes from a licensed massage therapist, it might end up doing more harm than good.

An even more important factor is that competent massage therapists have worked with hundreds to thousands of clients. They know what works and also realize that the same formula does not work for everyone. As a result, you get a personalized, professional massage that works exactly where you want it to.

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