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Post-Operative Surgery Pain Treatment Massage

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Pain Treatment Massage

Proper post-operative care is essential in recovery and treatment. This means, the patient should take adequate rest, do some recommended physical activity and eat nutritious food. Another important technique to boost recovery is getting a massage done from a licensed massage therapist or a trained wellness coach. Massages are also effective in treating the pain experienced after a surgical procedure. For the residents of Tampa, Riverview and Brandon, Florida, Anna Bass is a good licensed massage therapist to visit for post-operative pain treatment massage.

Why Do You Feel Pain After Surgery

A patient can suffer from acute pain after undergoing a surgery or operation. This is because surgery involves cutting up of muscle, skin tissues and fibers. After regaining consciousness, the patient can experience sharp or shooting sensations in the operated area. Pain is your body’s way of telling you to rest and remain motionless because you have suffered a lot of damage.

How Does Massage Help In Post-Operative Pain Treatment

When a licensed massage therapist or a trained wellness coach massages the affected area, blood circulation increases. This increases the rate of recovery and relieves tension, which reduces the intensity of pain that the patient experiences.

When the affected area is massaged, blood rushes towards it. It carries essential nutrients and oxygen with it which allows the wound to heal faster and better. The massage also soothes the swelling in the affected region and decreases the pain and discomfort felt by the patient. When the body is tense, the muscles tighten in response to prevent further damage from occurring. By properly massaging the area, your muscles gradually relax and relieve the tension in your body. This also increases the temperature of your muscle tissues. All this further alleviates the pain affecting a patient after a surgery.

Types Of Massages For Post-Operative Care

There are different types of massages to reduce the amount of pain a patient might be suffering from. The right technique will depend on the diagnosis and recommendation by your doctor. Remember, any type of massage should only be performed under the strict guidance of a licensed massage therapist or a trained wellness coach.

Essentially, there are two major types of post-operative massages –

Transverse Friction

The main purpose behind Transverse Friction is to prevent scar tissue formation. This technique can also help in reducing the existing scar tissues. To perform this massage, a licensed massage therapist or a trained wellness coach gently applies pressure to specific spots around the wound or scar tissue. This promotes wound healing and ensures minimal scarring. Transverse Friction also effectively reduces the pain associated with wound healing.

LDM (Lymphatic Drainage Massage)

The Lymphatic Drainage Massage involves the careful removal of excess fluid which is stuck in the lymph nodes. After a surgery, the lymph nodes swell up and get filled with fluid. If left untreated, the patient can experience discomfort and even pain in the affected area. This can also restrict a patient’s movement and reduce the rate of recovery.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage clears up the lymph nodes. The affected areas are massaged with some amount of pressure to ease the swelling. This allows the patient to rest properly and recover faster. It also relieves the pain a patient might experience.

Visiting the Right Therapist

If you are looking for a great massage therapist in Riverview, Tampa or Brandon, Florida, Anna Bass LMT is the one to visit. She is a licensed massage therapist and an experienced wellness coach who will help relieve your post-operative pain.

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