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Positive Effects of Manual Lymphatic Drainage on Bodybuilding

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is an effective method for bodybuilders and fitness professionals to reduce swelling of lymph nodes and bulk up naturally. Most bodybuilders have problems with hormonal or thyroid-related conditions. The continuous change in dietary habits disturbs the gut bacteria (microbiome) and derails the internal biological processes.

This leads to fluid build-up and swelling pre- and post-workout concerning bodybuilding competitions among these professionals. MLD helps to clear out your lymph pathways, making you feel far better after an intensive workout.

Effects on Health

MLD promotes the movement of lymph fluid back to the lymph nodes. This improves the micro-filtration of proteins, minerals, lipids, toxins, hormones, pathogens, etc. inside our body. This can decrease swelling and make muscles appear more defined. Additionally, it also helps in post-workout recovery.

How does it work?

A poorly functioning lymphatic system can make us feel weak and worn out. After a stressful workout, your lymph vessels can find it difficult to pump out excess fluid. MLD reduces recovery time significantly as we can clear out excess fluid and provide nutrients to the tissues for regeneration and growth. It can also limit lactic acid accumulation in the muscles.

Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Some of the most important benefits of MLD are as follows:

  • Better Immune Function - By removing harmful waste and toxins from the lymph nodes, you reduce the pressure on your immune system. This makes you feel better, and you fall sick less often.

  • Better Energy Output - After an MLD treatment, you get a substantial energy boost as your tissues get more nourishment and regenerate quicker.

  • Improved Sleep Quality - MLD massages reduce swelling, and pain - helping your tissues heal faster. This makes you fall asleep faster and sleep better.

  • Healthier Sinus - When your lymph nodes have excess fluid, you can experience sinus or allergy problems. Lymph nodes associated with the sinus can function better after MLD, providing relief.

  • Recovery After Surgery - MLD is known to enhance natural regenerative processes in tissues. It also helps in detoxification and mitigating swelling - both of which are common after surgery.

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