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New Service Announcement! Post-Op Cosmetic Surgery Recovery/Planning Phone Consultation

My clients travel the world for their cosmetic procedures. My clients represent all adult ages and ethnic backgrounds. The ONE consistent thing that ties all of them together is that their Dr. gave them unique recovery/discharge instructions. Some clients walk away with a paragraph, while others get a 'book', and the rest fall somewhere in between.

This would make one think that there is no industry standard in post-op care. I'm here to tell you that there is a standard of care after your procedure.

I love sharing clients stories, as they are often useful for teaching. Of course, I'm mindful of HIPPA laws! But one story comes to mind as I sit here typing this out.

My client was in for a post-op manual lymphatic drainage session. She had been in several times before, but on this particular session, she had just come from a post-op follow-up appointment with her surgeon. Instead of seeing the surgeon, she saw the nurse. This is quite typical in the post-op world. Personally, I'd think post-op follow-up appointments would ALWAYS be with the surgeon, if only to check out his handiwork. Much of the time though, once your surgery is complete, unless there is an issue, you never see the Dr. again.

As the nurse was typing details into a computer, my client said to her, "You know, I really wish I'd known all that was involved on the back-end of surgery and recovery." The nurse replied, without looking up from the computer, "Oh? Well, we purposefully do not tell our patients everything because if we did, half would not go through with their procedures."

My client unloaded on her! "What do you mean you purposefully don't tell your patients? We are Moms! We have jobs! We budget for our surgeries, not loss of income due to needing more time off from work, AND for multiple compression garments, AND manual lymphatic drainage massages. Without that info, how can we adequately prepare?"

The nurse looked up aghast, realizing she'd basically stepped in it. Wish I had been a fly on the wall for THAT conversation.

The sad thing is, there is more truth to this, than not. Even those who choose to go on post-op social media pages for guidance don't get the real truth. Trust me! I served in an advisory capacity on two popular post-op FB pages. It's like the blind leading the blind.

I decided to create a new service to address much of the confusion, where you could spend an hour with me over the phone, and we could go over the ins and outs of what to expect after your procedure. Granted, the info doesn't change much no matter what you are getting done to your body. This way, you can adequately prepare. Because it's a phone consult, I can help anyone, no matter where you are located. Considering the cost of your procedure, this is a small price to pay to protect your investment. ♥ After all, cosmetic surgery is NOT a cheap girl sport!

Contact Our Riverview, FL Massage Clinic Today

Massages by Anna Bass LMT. Certified for many different massages and treatments. Specializing in Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage, Vodder and Chikly trained.

To schedule an appointment with Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Advanced Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist and Health Coach, Anna Bass LMT, please call 412-328-4540 or Book a Massage Here.

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