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Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) post operation massage near Ruskin, FL

If you have undergone an operation, then you will know how painful the recovery process is. This is natural since healing has to take place, which would take time. During this process, there can be swelling and pain. Most people experience a build-up of lymph fluid, which worsens the situation. This is where MLD can be helpful.

What is MLD?

MLD or Manual lymphatic drainage is a massage that is used to drain out lymph fluids from the body. It is a technique developed in the 1930s by Dr Emil and Estrid Vodder. The technique focuses on the lymph vessels of the body. Massage is done not by applying pressure, but by using gentle movements.

When done in the right way, the massage stimulates the lymphatic system and restores its functioning. This allows the lymph fluid that has accumulated to move out of the affected areas. Once the lymph fluid moves, it goes to the lymph nodes from where it is eliminated from the body. This can be very helpful in reducing pain and swelling that occurs due to lymph buildup.

MLD for post-operation

When MLD is done, it offers the following benefits:

  • It stimulates lymph nodes and allows the lymphatic system to naturally eliminate lymph fluid from the body.

  • MLD can be preventive in nature. After an operation, you don’t have to wait for lymph buildup. Getting MLD massage done would ensure the lymphatic system works normally. This prevents problems occurring later

  • Edema or swelling occurring after surgery would be healed effectively through MLD.

  • The massage would help in increasing blood flow in both the superficial veins and the deep veins. This helps in accelerating the healing process.

In MLD, the patient is made to lie down and asked to follow deep diaphragmatic breathing. The therapist would then carry out the massage using different types of strokes. The strokes are gentle and accompanied by pumping motions. It starts at the unaffected lymph nodes and then moves to the affected area taking care to apply gentle pressure.

A MLD certified massage therapist can carry out the massage in the right way. If you have undergone an operation then MLD sessions can help improve healing. It helps remove lymph fluid buildup, relieves swelling and pain, and promotes quick recovery. All this is done in a safe and effective way, which is why it is a popular treatment option.

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