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Liposuction Recovery Lymphatic Drainage Massage

MLD Massage to Help with Liposuction Surgery Recovery

A plastic surgeon may advise you for follow-up appointments after liposuction for undergoing a manual lymphatic drainage massage. The massage is known to help in your recovery process. Liposuction is a treatment for the removal of annoying fat from different parts of the body. Yet, it is still considered to be an invasive procedure that disrupts various physiological functions.

Although it is not desirable, fat is a living and active tissue that stores energy and lipids. It constitutes many lymphatic and blood vessels and offers hormonal regulation. These vessels may get damaged once removed and connective tissue and cells are destroyed.

It can result in excess fluid accumulation and building up of fibrosis or hardened scar tissues. Lymphatic drainage uses a special sequence of massages that trigger the flow of fluid through the body’s lymphatic system and offers several benefits. The following are some of them:

1. Reduces recovery time

Manual lymphatic drainage quickens the healing process by improving the fluid flow and circulation in lymphatic vessels, decreasing swelling. Lymphatic drainage massage also helps in releasing trapped blood cells and reducing bruises. When bruising and inflammation are minimized, patients can see visible outcomes of liposuction faster.

2. Lowered risks of complications and infections

Liposuction may have several potential complications and side effects like scarring, prolonged swelling, and infection. The fibrosis process makes the tissue hard and leads to significant hardness and scarring. While it can reduce with time, the massages can speed up the removal.

Areas filled with fluid or prolonged swelling can compromise outcomes and slow down the recovery process. Lymphatic drainage massage releases this, reducing inflammation. As the lymphatic system plays a crucial role in facilitating immune cell transport, the treatment can enhance the immune response and decrease the chances of infection.

3. Decrease in pain

Lymphatic drainage massage has a more gentle effect as compared to other traditional massages. Thus, it can bring down sensitivity and pain both after and during.

4. Result optimization

Overall, the massage supports you to get your desired outcomes. Complications like fluid buildup and scarring are reduced and chances of infection are also less. So, patients will observe their slimness more clearly.

To know more, do visit Anna Bass LMT and avail of the services of a licensed massage therapist or a wellness coach!

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