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Introducing our newest service: The Slide and Glide Cupping

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Wanted to take a few minutes to introduce a totally new service that I think may be the next BIG thing! I'd planned on pulling a demo video from YouTube to share, but there doesn't seem to be one. That makes me even MORE excited to share.

As many of you know, I battle with my own body struggles. I stretch and do some version of physical therapy exercises daily. But, even with that effort, if I do anything NEW; move my body in a different way, it often will set me back physically. I can attest that many of you experience the same things. I'm here to tell you that this isn't the way it is supposed to be, but how do you resolve it?

Over the years, I've given many of you lessons about fascia. Fascia is a connective tissue, like ligaments and tendons. If you have ever handled a raw chicken breast, you've seen fascia! On a chicken breast, you have the skin and the meat, but there is always this thin opaque membrane that runs between the two: THIS is fascia. Just like the chicken, we have fascia ALL over our bodies. It covers some cells, nerves, muscle fibers, single muscles and groups of muscles. Very prevalent! One of my massage instructors in school said that without fascia, our body would have no shape.

IF you were to look at the fascia under a microscope, you would actually see that it is TWO layers of tissue, not one. Fascia is comprised of a layer of collagen and a layer of elastin; one is strong, the other stretchy. In between these two layers is something we refer to as ground substance - which works like jello in that when you warm it up, it liquifies, and this enables those two layers of tissue to slide across each other smoothly. There are tons of massage modalities dedicated to the release of fascia. You see, the fascia can get stuck to the muscle which doesn't allow the muscle to go through it's full range of motion, or the two layers get stuck to each other. Stuck fascia is a diagnostic tool, if you will, in that where it is stuck, it indicates an injury at some point to the underlying tissue.

Have you ever reached your arm out to do something, and as you get partly extended, something in your shoulder gets stuck, and you have to pull back your arm, wiggle your shoulder a bit, then extend again? THAT is tight fascia prohibiting FREE movement.

Tight fascia is the reason that I can not move freely in ALL plains. I think it's affecting YOU too!

I use various forms of myofascial release on all of my Aches and Pains massages, as well as with my post-op clients. I also cup my clients frequently. Many people became aware of cupping when Michael Phelps was winning gold medals. He would stand there ready to dive in and the red circular cupping 'kisses' were clearly visible on his body. I've seen cupping kisses on Jennifer Aniston as she walked the red carpet in a backless dress. These cupping 'kisses' are a result of STATIC cupping; where the cup is placed onto the body and left.

Cupping has been used for 1000's of years in traditional Chinese medicine. In short, cupping is used to pull toxins and cellular debris up out of the underlying tissue, and then your lymphatic system carries away the debris. However, it also can have a profound impact on your fascia, helping to unstick it, so to speak. It's like a reverse massage because we aren't working INTO the tissue, we are pulling the tissue AWAY from the body.

My son Jack has been static cupping my back for years. Best I could do in lieu of getting a massage. Problem is, it only works where you put the cups and as I've already said, fascia is EVERYWHERE in your body. This, is where SLIDE CUPPING comes into the picture!

The Slide and Glide - Full Body Slide Cupping
The Slide and Glide - Full Body Slide Cupping

Slide and Glide is a 90 minute full-body slide cupping session, and it is nothing short of Ah-MAZING! You disrobe as for a regular massage. Lubricant is used so the cups can slide. I can work almost all of your body, including your face, which feels wonderful! Bony areas like the top of the foot, not so much. While you won't have the big round cupping kisses that comes with static cupping, some petechia CAN occur with slide cupping, but it is typically minimal, and fades in a few days.

So....if you want to feel free in your skin suit - I'd recommend giving this a try! To schedule an appointment with Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Advanced Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist and Health Coach, Anna Bass LMT, please call 412-328-4540 or Book a Massage Here.

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