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Introducing NEW Services! Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage

Updated: Apr 8

Today, I am proud to say that I am introducing THREE new services to my menu, along with matching SERIES offerings, and Gift Certificate availability.

Brazilian Face Lymphatic Drainage

Brazilian Body Sculpting Lymphatic Drainage, and

COMBO of the two; Face AND Body!

I studied these techniques with Josie Rushing, who in addition to being a contestant on Brazils' Shark Tank, is pretty famous for getting celebs red-carpet-ready for big events using a combination of body-sculpting techniques and lymphatic drainage. Her last big 'gig' was getting the rich and famous picture ready for the Met Gala. I took the class because I was absolutely blown away by what she could do to the human body in an hour and it is nothing short of impressive!

The Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage gives clients quick results, instantaneous shape, and target contouring for clients that are looking for beauty perfection. It offers ALL the benefits of traditional lymphatic drainage PLUS contouring.

The 7 facts you should know about Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage:

  • Instantly contours the body

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Reduces water retention

  • Reduces swelling and bloating

  • Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite

  • Promotes digestive health

  • Fights off infection

Results from a single session will last 3 - 7 days depending on your diet and lifestyle habits. However, as mentioned above, I also listed these as a SERIES offering, as when done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, (along with healthy diet and lifestyle choices) the results are cumulative, and you can achieve a more permanent 'snatched' figure. If you need help making those healthy diet and lifestyle choices, you know as a health coach, (ME!) you can always pick my brain while you're on the table!

So....why would you opt for something that's temporary? Got a hot date? Amazing get-away planned? Want to show off at your class reunion/holiday party? Want those holiday pictures to look perfect? Or do you simply want to feel better in your own skin? There are NO wrong answers here. You have met me and know I'm not a 'diva' - but even if we had a Zombie Apocalypse, I'd want to look decent! ;)

These techniques ARE relaxing, and because they work directly with the lymphatic system your internal body benefits from detoxing, in addition to looking great afterwards. Win-Win!

As I said above, these are available as Gift Certificates, so you can put them on your Christmas list too!

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