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Fibrotic Scar Tissue Healing With Massage

If you have ever gotten a large injury, you may be familiar with the term, fibrosis. Essentially, if you damage your tissue, the reparation process often involves the development of fibrous connective tissue which repairs any damage to your skin and body. As this tissue grows it can leave some prominent scarring which is known as fibrotic scar tissue. While this tissue is completely normal, it can seem strange to some and also feel sensitive to touch.

Thankfully, there is a great way to relieve these issues and work towards healing without any invasive action. That is, a great massage! So, let’s understand how a massage can help in this situation.

How Can a Massage Help?

With most massages, a licensed massage therapist will utilize techniques and motions such as rolling over the skin, putting pressure on pain points, etc. to relieve pain and damage. Similarly, when getting a massage for fibrotic scar tissue, your massage will involve dynamic and static movements over the scar tissue area, depending on how your skin is. For example, while larger and more in-depth damage may require a deep-tissue massage, some cases can also work just as well with the pressure from a sports massage.

As this is happening, the pressure causes a release in blood flow in that area. When done repeatedly and properly, this can help improve the blood flow to a region while simultaneously breaking down and repairing scar tissue. That being said, the benefits don’t end here and there are actually multiple ways in which scar tissue can be aided with a certified massage.

Benefits of Massages for Fibrotic Scar Tissue

While the list is often considered to be endless, here are some of the most common benefits someone with fibrotic scar tissue can notice after a massage:

Reduction in Scarring

As the fibrotic scar tissue breaks down and works to repair itself, dynamic changes such as an increase in temperature, blood flow, etc. can aid in the healing process. Over time and with repeated blood flow, this can lead to a reduction in visible scarring.

Mental Relief

A common feeling that people have after large trauma in a certain region is a dislike for physical touch over scar tissue. This is often due to nervous system changes that have happened as well as a mental image of the trauma. Thus, a massage is a calm way to get past that feeling and become comfortable in one’s own skin.

Reduced Pain

Similar to the previous point, damage to the nearby nerves and other parts may lead to a feeling of pain in the scar tissue. This is often treatable with massages as the increase in blood flow can stimulate the area and make it more comfortable to stimulus.

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