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Facial Plastic Surgery Recovery Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Many plastic surgeons often recommend lymphatic drainage massage during their patients’ recovery stage after cosmetic procedures. This massa

ge assists in improving outcomes by diminishing fibrosis and post-surgical swelling and speeding up the recovery time.

Side effects of plastic surgery

1. Bruising

It appears post-surgery as blood leaks from capillaries after the surgery is over. However, there is no need to be concerned because bruising will occur after surgery but is rarely serious. What are bruises? They are the breaking down of red blood cells and cellular tissues after surgery. The good news is that lymphatic drainage removes the waste products from these trapped areas to enable you to regain function faster.

2. Swelling and edema

After a body experiences trauma, cells generate chemicals that have an impact on the blood vessels’ absorbency in the injured areas. While surgery is controlled, it can still cause trauma. Localized fluid pockets or excessive fluid can slow the recovery process. These can also make the outcomes less aesthetically optimal due to fibrosis and uneven healing. The end result is greater pain, various health complications, and a longer time to recover.

3. Scarring

During surgery, a surgeon cuts lymphatic vessels. When scar tissues form, they can restrict the proper functioning of these vessels. Now, that can result in numbness, restricted motion range, pain, and prolonged swelling. Scarring will reduce naturally with time when the tissues slowly remodel themselves. However, the process can be lengthy, and certain scarring may even be permanent.

4. Fibrosis

Post-surgery, the lymph flow can be compromised. The accumulation of stabilizing proteins may be significant, leading to the formation of lumps called fibrosis. Lymphatic drainage massage can reduce or prevent fibrosis as it removes the buildup of fluid to stop the accumulation of big protein structures. The massage also improves proper lymphatic flow.

Lymph drainage massage helps in healing damaged lymph vessels, creates a fresh path if essential, and reconnects interrupted routes. With time, restoration of pathways is possible in adhesions and scars. It leads to vitality, proper flow, and restored health in overall health and the surgery areas.

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