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Deep Tissue Massage Vs. Swedish Massage

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

A massage helps to relax the muscles and can help refresh a person. When done by a licensed massage therapist, a massage is a rejuvenating experience. People love to get a massage to relax and also experience relief from pain. There are different types of massage, each of which offers different benefits. Two of the most popular types of massages are deep tissue massage and Swedish massages. We take a look at these two forms of massage and their differences.

Deep tissue massage

A deep tissue massage is where a therapist uses slow strokes that are forceful. This ensures the effect of the massage goes deep into the connective tissue. This can help in releasing knots deep inside the muscles. Sometimes it may be a bit uncomfortable while the knots are being released. Chronic muscles problems and spinal abnormalities are conditions where a deep tissue massage can be helpful.

Swedish massage

A Swedish massage is also known as a classic massage. Here, light strokes are used to provide relief from tension in the muscles on the surface. This type of massage is very helpful in stimulating circulation. The massage can provide an extremely relaxing experience, especially for people experiencing muscle pain. It is helpful in providing relief from stress.

Deep tissue massage vs. Swedish massage

The following is a comparison between the two forms of massage:

  • A deep tissue massage uses forceful strokes, so the impact is felt deep. The Swedish massage uses light strokes that address problems at the surface level.

  • Deep tissue massages are helpful in releasing sprains and knots. They are useful in managing chronic conditions. Swedish massages are meant to provide a relaxing experience and can help in providing relief from stress.

  • A person suffering from stress or mild body pain will not get the best results from a deep tissue massage and may find it uncomfortable. For them, a Swedish massage is the right type of massage.

  • People with sports injuries, spasms in the muscles, and postural problems will not get good results from a Swedish massage. For them, a deep tissue massage will be the right solution.

  • If you are looking for healing from chronic pain and other problems, then opt for a deep tissue massage. If you want increased blood and lymph circulation as well as relief from stress, you can choose a Swedish massage. A Swedish massage can also help improve a person’s mood and help in improving sleep quality.

  • A deep tissue massage involves the use of thumbs, fingers, and fists by the therapist to penetrate deep into the tissues. A Swedish massage involves long and gliding strokes with rubbing and kneading movements.

The choice between the two types of massage thus depends on your physical needs.

Whether you choose a deep tissue massage or a Swedish massage, you need to ensure it is done by a professional. Get a massage done from an expert who is also a Wellness Coach. This would ensure you get the full benefits of the massage. Contact our wellness clinic which is easily accessible from Riverview, Tampa, Brandon, FL.

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