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Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

LDM massage Can Help Your BBL Recovery

Brazilian butt lifts are extremely popular these days because the rich and famous have set up such stiff beauty standards. To ensure the effectiveness of the surgery, the patient should perform different aftercare exercises and treatments. MLD or manual lymphatic drainage massage is one such treatment.

Defining manual lymphatic drainage

It is a post-operation light massage, which assists in keeping lymphedema, scars, inflammation, and pain at bay. The massage boosts stimulation of the functioning of the lymphatic system and healing apart from helping in breaking down the scar tissue. The goal of this massage is to enhance the lymph’s natural drainage to carry excess fluid and waste products away from a person’s affected tissues and towards the heart. MLD helps in the thorough cleansing of the body.

Importance of MLD

As far as Brazilian butt lifts are concerned, the massage reduces the recovery time and helps the body to recover from the abrasion of surgery. MLD can be used along with other exercises and treatments to get the desired effect.

Brazilian butt lifts may affect mobility for a certain time after surgery and so the lymphatic system may not function optimally. It enhances the possibility of forming a backup of fatty deposits and fluids, which sit under the surface of the skin. Thus, there is a chance of negating the hard labor of a plastic surgeon.

When should you opt for an MLD massage?

It is advisable to start MLD massages from week 1 post your surgery and you should continue them for many weeks after the surgery. If you get MLD massages regularly along with drinking a lot of water, exercise, and have a healthy diet, your healing process will be faster.

Try not to sit down

A majority of us are in the habit of sitting mostly throughout the day for work or in front of the television. Avoid sitting down for around 2 to 3 months after undergoing a Brazilian butt lift so that the grafted fat can settle into the tissues.

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