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Benefits of Oncology Massage Therapy

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Massage Therapy for Cancer Patients

Oncology massage therapy is needed by individuals with cancer. This massage method has been adapted to suit the special needs of cancer patients. It is useful during the treatment or when the disease is in remission. You get some comfort at a time when it is needed most. This therapy is provided by Anna Bass LMT, a licensed massage therapist in Riverview, Florida. The service is not limited to the massage only. It involves multiple disciplines of care services. Massage is a part of this set of care services. There are several benefits of oncology massage therapy.

Both Physical and Psychological Advantages

Any type of massage soothes the body and relieves the pain. In case of oncology massage, it offers many other benefits. You will not only get relief from the pain but also some other benefits. The massage session will bring positivity in you by reducing the effects of anxiety and stress. A relaxing massage session in this painful condition feels very comfortable. The tension is released and you will feel relaxed.

Solving Side Effects of the Cancer Treatments

The massage therapy is effective in solving the side effects of the aggressive cancer treatments, such as headache and nausea. You will enjoy better sleep, especially after your physical fatigue is gone. Getting a body massage reduces mental exhaustion. It increases the endorphin hormone level which is a natural painkiller. Reduce the muscle stiffness experienced after the surgery. Traditional massage is not very effective for cancer patients. You need special oncology massage therapies.

Improve the Quality of Life

Oncology massage improves the life quality in several ways. By getting relief from pain, fatigue, nausea and anxiety, you will experience higher level of comfort. It results in better sleep and stress relief. The immune system functions better. Anna is trained in oncology massage and understands the special needs of cancer patients. The massage treatment will be personalized based on your specific physical and health needs. The treatment session will be highly comfortable. This service is provided at a fully equipped Riverview massage clinic. Anna is a wellness coach and provides excellent therapy services.

A Customized Solution

You will receive a customized treatment plan based on your cancer related issues. The therapy covers not only physical pain but also emotional consequences of this disease. Anna takes into account the recommendations made by the doctor and other senior healthcare providers to the patient. Receive a relaxing massage therapy at a time when the pain seems to be at its worst. This comfortable and pleasurable experience will help you overcome some effects of aggressive cancer treatments.

It is important for the cancer patients to undergo special oncology massage therapies. Only the services of a trained and licensed massage therapist in Riverview, Florida should be used for this purpose. This form of massage is different from the traditional massage. The oncology massage therapist uses steady, slow and light touch movements. The focus is on the central nervous system to provide maximum relaxation to the body. You can undergo this massage therapy every day. It is a safe therapy and helps the body deal with the adverse effects of the cancer disease and its treatment. Book your oncology massage session online.

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