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A Massage Can Help You Relieve Anxiety

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Anxiety Relief

Experiencing a massage is like indulging in the ultimate relaxation. You'll be able to reduce stress, loosen your muscles, and reduce anxiety all at the same time. A licensed massage therapist can help you feel relaxed, and help reduce anxiety in your body.

The benefits of massages extend well beyond feeling relaxed. You can deal with everything from pain associated with sciatica to sleep apnea, with the help of a good massage.

Anxiety and How Massages Can Help

Anxiety is a problem many people struggle with. But should you have generalized anxiety disorder, then you're likely to feel anxious most of the time. This is a mental health disorder that tends to affect women more often than men. Anxiety disorder can develop at any age, but it's seen that most patients manifest anxiety between their childhood to middle age.

There are various risk factors that can contribute to the onset of an anxiety disorder. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, these are:

· Being shy when you were a child

· A lower economic status

· Experiencing divorce or being widowed

· Stressful live events such as trauma and death of a loved one

· Should there be a family history associated with anxiety disorders, you're likely to develop it as well

· Having elevated levels of cortisol

To treat anxiety, medication as well as cognitive behavioral therapy are considered important. However, there are alternative therapies that are gaining ground as well. Massage therapy from a licensed massage therapist is one such option.

With just an hour long massage, you'll be able to lower the levels or cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, in your body.

How Can Massage Therapy Help Relieve Anxiety?

A study that was published in the psychology journal 'Depression and Anxiety', looked at patients who received massage therapy from a licensed massage ther

apist for two weeks. The results indicated that the patients experienced around 50% reduction in symptoms associated with anxiety. It was also found that these benefits weren't just for the short term. Even twenty-six weeks into the study, the reduction of symptoms was still around 50%.

A massage from a licensed massage therapist and wellness coach like

Anna Bass LMT, can provide great calming effects. In addition to this, symptoms associated with anxiety can be reduced as well. You can even relieve muscle tension and deal with sleep problems.

Book a Massage From a Licensed Massage Therapist

Anna Bass LMT, licensed massage therapist and wellness coach, can help you reduce anxiety and feel stress-free. If you live in Riverview, Tampa, Brandon, FL, then consider booking an appointment with a licensed massage therapist and wellness coach.

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